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ShopShops launched in China in 2016 as a “directory of U.S brands” for Chinese visitors whose trips to the States were primarily shopping focused. The platform has since evolved into a full-fledged network with a fleet of retail-experienced hosts with an amazing consumer response. The company recently expanded to the U.S., with a kickoff event late last year with designer Rebecca Minkoff (a regular at the American Image Awards and AAFA’s 2013 Designer of the Year recipient).

Liyia has broken through so many ceilings – launching a breakthrough business model in the apparel/footwear/accessories space, as a woman in tech, generating equity and investment in a female owned company. We were so pleased to have Liyia address our members and the industry at the AAFA Executive Summit 2016 and Think Tank in Hong Kong in 2017.

Today we dive into a few fun facts about this livestream shopper way of life!

By the numbers, ShopShops is now hosting in 30 countries with more than 750 partners and the average customer is spending up to 44 hours a year on the app, while VIP shoppers can easily exceed 550 hours!

So….what is the next big goal?

Our next big goal is to feature 30+ English events daily by the end of 2021!

How much planning (hours, weeks, months?) goes into curating a single ShopShops retail experience?

We are a three-sided marketplace where many of our events are actually planned and curated by our host sellers. Planning and execution of ShopShops experiences really vary by hosts.  For example; a weekend market experience is very spontaneous and authentic, but with other events it can be a 2 week+ minimum lead time to plan and prepare.

ShopShops has entered into last mile delivery. What is one challenge you are tackling on that front?

We facilitate last mile delivery, especially to cross-border shoppers. There are many challenges, particularly over the last year. One challenge we continue to tackle is shipping time; reducing cross-border shipping duration by 15%.

Wow! What incredible energy and inspiration Liyia and the entire ShopShops team shows. We are honored to share the Digital Entrepreneur of the year Award on June 21. If you are impressed too, tell her: @LetsShopshops, @shopshops_official.

Help celebrate this well-deserved award on social media with #AmericanImageAwards and reserve your tickets and tables for June 21 today!

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