Ruthie Davis

When Disney went searching for the modern-day princess, they discovered that the slipper fit designer Ruthie Davis, and a collaboration was born.

"What my brand stands for and what Disney Princess stands for are totally in sync," said Davis. "My design aesthetic is to create shoes that make the woman wearing them feel special, powerful, confident, and beautiful. These characteristics also describe the Disney Princesses. As a woman designing for women, I wear my shoes and am in touch with what women want. Therefore, the idea of designing multiple collections inspired by each of the Disney Princesses is like a dream come true!"

From the fairest of them all to the warrior princess, the first two Disney Princess x Ruthie Davis collections – of what will ultimately be 11 Disney Princesses – started with Snow White and Mulan. Jasmine will launch in conjunction with Disney’s Live Action Aladdin film hitting theaters this Spring.

In particular, Disney was looking for designs that were "not only inspired by the distinctive character traits, but also key and pivotal scenes from these iconic Disney movies." The result has been a product assortment that is distinctive, bold, and rich with color from stilettos to sneakers.

"Princess has a different meaning now than ever before. It's less 'damsel in distress' and more princesses doing it for themselves and to help others. Like the Princesses, the shoes are bold and independent, and the woman wearing them is not afraid to own every room she walks into," said Davis. "I also think it goes deeper than just looking fabulous. The important message behind the princesses is one of inclusiveness and of female strength."

To get inside the Disney Princess X Ruthie Davis collection castle, you do not need to enter the Cave of Wonders to find the magic lamp. You just need to hop on social media.

"So many young women today continue to be inspired by the Disney Princesses and their stories, there are also some serious digital influencers who are obsessed with all things Disney Princess. We are tapping into that consumer and her followers in addition to discovering that so many of our Ruthie Davis consumers also love the Disney Princesses," said Davis.

With the help of Ruthie Davis and a little dose of Disney storytelling, when you wish upon a shoe, your dreams can come true.