Isaac AshYou’ve heard the saying “put a sock in it,” but don’t say it to Isaac Ash, who will not stop talking about apparel and the footprint he will leave on the industry.

“It’s easy to say it’s in my blood, but more than that, apparel is something everyone needs. And no matter how much technology changes, people still need to get dressed every day so it’s a backbone of retail,” Isaac said in response to questions from the American Apparel & Footwear Association.

The founder, president and CEO of United Legwear & Apparel Co. first shaped his passion while working for his family’s business in Brooklyn after school. He was selling socks to specialty and chain stores, and what he learned then is what he practices now.

“Showing up every day, giving 100% effort and never letting up are keys to success. Anyone in the office will tell you that the place I spend most of my time is at the design tables with the team, developing and improving product. I also learned early on that it’s about the quality and experience the consumer feels when wearing our products that matters most … everything else falls in line after that,” he said.

Isaac says he shows up at the design table in his go-to apparel: jeans, soft cotton tee shirt, cashmere sweater, and desert or Chelsea boots. But he’ll take the shirt off his back to help his community. Isaac has made a commitment to support a number of charities and individuals in need.

“A few years ago, I took my kids to Bowery Mission to prepare and serve meals. We brought socks to give away during lunch and the men and women who received them were overwhelmed with gratitude. Showing my kids that socks and underwear can be a luxury for people who have no access to clean clothes every day is so important, because they are the next generation of doers and givers. They need to know that success is a blessing that must be shared,” he said.

We thought the founder of the FUN SOCKS brand would know the answer to the age-old question: “Where’s the missing sock?”

“I know where all the missing socks are hiding, but I can’t tell you … it’s bad for business! Just go buy a few new pairs!”