Eileen Fisher makes it easy to go to the closet every morning. For more than 30 years, simple and timeless have defined the essence of her aesthetic.

“We are a brand that feels we are for all women. It’s critical to us that every woman sees herself in our messaging – and can envision how she might embody the clothing in her own unique way,” said Fisher, who adds the company has included employees in their advertising campaigns.

According to Fisher, it is important to start with “quality materials at the very beginning and [design] shapes that consistently work together.”

Her namesake collections are sold in 65 EILEEN FISHER stores, over 300 department and specialty stores across the U.S., UK, and Canada, as well as two Renew stores, which are part of the company’s recycling program.

The recycling program – “Waste No More” – has become a key part of the business, as a way to provide customers with the chance to bring back their garments (regardless of condition) to be put to new use. “Change comes from educating customers on the impact of their purchasing decisions,” said Fisher. “Every day you can truly vote with your wallet for those brands that are doing business for good.”

Of course, that accountability goes beyond educating consumers for Eileen Fisher. Four years ago, she launched the Vision2020 project as a way to encourage the industry to improve in areas of sustainability and human rights by publishing goals.

“We knew that launching a plan like Vision2020 was a bold idea,” explains Fisher. “Although we open ourselves up to scrutiny by publishing our goals, we also want to be held accountable and take responsibility for what we are putting out there. Likewise, we hope to inspire other companies to take on the challenge with us.”

Fisher expands on Vision2020 saying “We have made great strides in various areas – specifically in materials. For example, our Spring 2019 collection will be 100% organic cotton and 100% organic linen. However, there are other areas that, once we started digging in, we found would not actually be feasible to bring to resolution by 2020. When 2020 rolls around, it will be a moment to take stock of our accomplishments, fill in the gaps where we’re missing our mark and build new opportunities.”

Eileen Fisher will accept the “Designer of the Year” award at the American Image Awards on April 15.