A Quick Chat with Brooke Baldwin

We're thrilled to have Brooke Baldwin as emcee during AAFA’s 2020 American Image Awards. As you get excited for the big night, we’ve shared just a few thoughts to help you get to know her!

You are an award-winning investigative reporter and news anchor covering world affairs, business, politics, and the human condition. What’s one word that explains your professional drive and inspiration?


You are quite the adventurer from your climb up Mount Kilimanjaro to your recent expedition in Chilean Patagonia. Can you share your most memorable vantage point? 

 “Pole pole.” That's Swahili for "go slow," and it's the mantra for climbing Kilimanjaro. If you try to climb too fast, you can't control your breathing. You panic, and you're toast. Instead, you must go slow. This saying was especially useful on summit night. We got up at 10 p.m. to get our gear ready to go. We began the trek to Uhuru Peak at 11:30 p.m., and as the air grew increasingly thin and the temperature plummeted during the steep climb, we kept hearing the whispers from our guide and porters: "pole pole." I have taken those two little words and applied them to other adventures around the world and most importantly to my life back here at home in Manhattan. When the pace and energy (and news cycle!) starts to whirl out of control, I take a deep breath and quietly tell myself: "Pole pole, Brooke. Pole pole."

 With Earth Day celebrating 50 years in April and more apparel and footwear designers focusing on sustainability, what role has news coverage played in the fight for environmental change?  

I am so inspired by so many young people fighting for change on this front – not just Greta Thunberg but so many names we don’t know and should. CNN is covering the climate crisis on TV, cnn.com and our social media channels. It’s a fashion story, an automotive story, a weather story, an international story, a business story, a politics story and more. The Climate Crisis impacts our world every day, and that is how often CNN covers it.

What makes you most excited about Celebrating Fashion’s Future at the American Image Awards on June 22?

Just being in the room with all these crazy talented people…

And hopefully wearing a dress by one of the fabulous designers being honored!

(And maybe I could be a guest judge on next season’s Project Runway *wink wink*)

Brooke will help AAFA host an unforgettable night celebrating Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren Corporation, Brandon Maxwell, Alibaba Group, and Bravo/Project Runway. Meet all of the honorees! Follow along on Instagram and Twitter with #AmericanImageAwards.