AAFA Praises Expansion of Global Vaccine Donation

AAFA praises today’s announcement from the White House promising to double U.S. donation of COVID-19 vaccines and calls for support of hard-hit Vietnam and Bangladesh.

September 22, 2021 | WASHINGTON, D.C.

The American Apparel & Footwear Association welcomed President Joseph R. Biden’s announcement this morning that the U.S. plans to double its purchase of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shots to share with the world, taking the level to one-billion-doses and aiming to reach 70 percent vaccination of the global population within the next year.

AAFA applauds the administration for continued efforts to get vaccines out to the public – both in the United States and abroad – and for the clear leadership of the United States on this issue. Only when we bring the global crisis under control can we bring the pandemic to an end and continue the all-important economic recovery.

“The only way to fully address the simultaneous health and economic crises from COVID-19 – and address the devastation of the Delta variant – is to get vaccines in arms of the most vulnerable around the world. We urge President Biden to double down on this promise to ensure the vaccines get to these countries right away - not a year from now, not six months from now - in order to make a real difference,” says AAFA Senior Vice President of Policy, Nate Herman. “With so many hurting in our trading partner countries in Southeast Asia – particularly Vietnam and Bangladesh – we ask that the U.S. rush to their aid.”

AAFA members are part of a $1.5 trillion global industry employing 150 million workers worldwide. AAFA has been a vocal advocate of both vaccine access and the commitment of individuals to get the shot. AAFA has been advocating to accelerate donations to partner countries and in mid-August, the leadership of nearly 90 AAFA member companies called on the U.S. government to immediately ramp up vaccine distribution to key supplier countries, including Vietnam. Access letters from June 9 and July 27 with additional detail.